2018 Outdoor Lighting Trends

If you’re planning on landscaping your garden this year, then you’ll want to know about all the hot outdoor lighting trends that are becoming popular this year. Read on for the top 5 trends of 2018.

1. Eco-friendly outdoor lighting

Everyone’s trying to go greener in their everyday life, and outdoor lighting is a great place to make a difference. Solar-powered lights are especially popular in locations with warm, sunny climates, helping to save money and use less energy when lighting the front and backyard. LED lights are also a popular eco-friendly choice because they operate at a lower voltage and use less energy than other types of bulbs while still producing plenty of illumination.

2. Smart timers

It seems like smart technology is being applied to everything, and outdoor lights are no exception. Moving beyond things like motion sensor lights, smart outdoor lighting now has impressive capabilities such as switching on automatically when it starts to go dark based on GPS technology. You can also have outdoor lights connected to your phone so that you don’t have to get up, or even be at home, to switch your outdoor lights on and off.

3. Colored bulbs

If you’re bored of the same old white or yellow light outside your house, then you’re not alone. Colored bulbs are becoming much more popular to add touches of color to your yard. You can incorporate colored bulbs in with your regular lighting or use a whole array of different colors to create a real summer atmosphere.

4. Moroccan-style lighting

Varying the styles of lighting in your yard is a great way to create interest and display something different from the norm. This year, Moroccan-style lighting is showing great popularity to add some style to summer entertaining. These lanterns are made from intricate metalwork that look great as well as casting interesting light patterns around them through their geometric designs.

5. Hanging and pendant lights

This may not be a new style but it’s certainly here to stay as a trend in 2018. You can hang lights inside gazebos and other garden features for a stylish way to light your entertainment areas. You can also hang them from trees around the garden to provide light in a variety of places.

Which of these trends is catching your eye for 2018? There’s still time to update your outdoor lighting for entertaining guests this summer, so contact us if you’re in the Piedmont Triad area, including Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, or Kernersville.