How to Accent Water Features with the Right Lighting

A water feature can turn an otherwise ordinary garden into something with intrigue and even a little magic. They can provide a calming effect and, with the right lighting, can look like something straight out of a fairy tale. Whether you’ve already got a water feature or are planning on having one installed, here are some tips for choosing the right landscape lighting to accent and complement it.

Underwater landscape lighting

Landscape lighting designed to be watertight and resistant can create a wonderful effect by lighting from underneath the water. This is best used in water features that contain clear rather than murky water. Since the water will refract the light, you need to make sure the bulb is bright enough to still create an ambient effect.

Highlighting your water feature with underwater lighting not only helps to show it off to guests after dark, it also makes your yard safer by making the water highly visible. Placement can make a difference, and you’ll need enough lights to shine through the water. Make sure you get good quality underwater lights so that they work properly and don’t become damaged by leaks.

If you have fish in your pond or water feature, then make sure you don’t illuminate the entire area. Your aquatic wildlife needs somewhere to escape to out of the light. Too many or too bright lights can also heat up the water temperature too much for the fish.

Lighting around your water feature

Positioning lighting around your water feature can work just as well at highlighting and complementing it. LED lights are especially good for this kind of landscape lighting as they are bright, energy efficient, and require little maintenance. They are also commonly used in lights that are suitable for use around water, so you’ll easily be able to find something suitable. You can even choose colored bulbs to create lots of different effects.

When positioning your outdoor lighting, think about where people typically sit in your garden or where they most often see your water feature from. This should help you decide on the optimum angles and positioning for your lights around the water feature. You can test this by using your smartphone torch or a flashlight to experiment with angles around your feature.

Landscape lighting for your water feature is something you can really get creative with. Contact us if you want tips for designing your water feature lighting or need installation services in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and the surrounding Piedmont Triad.