Landscape Lighting Design 101

Outdoor landscape lighting is like the icing on the cake when it comes to designing a yard that looks incredible and provides the functionality you need. But, there are so many choices to make when it comes to your landscape lighting, and it can be difficult to plan. So, we’ve got a bunch of tips and the latest trends to help you choose the best outdoor lights for your home.

Things to consider

It can be hard to know where to start when designing your landscape lighting, so here are some ideas and questions to get you started.

Do you have existing fixtures?

The boring part of adding landscape lighting to your yard is dealing with all the electricals. If you have existing fixtures outside your home, then the job will be made much easier. If you do not have available outlet sources, however, then these will need fitting by an electrician.

Types of outdoor lights

There is a range of styles of outdoor lights to choose from, varying in appearance and functionality. We provide path lights, bullet lights, underwater lights, and much more. So, think about how you want your garden and landscape to look to decide which type of lighting can help you achieve this. Here are some trends we identified for this year to give you some inspiration.

What do you want to highlight?

When deciding where to place your landscape lights and which type is best for you, think about which areas or features of your garden you want to highlight. Are you illuminating a path for increased safety or drawing attention to a particular water feature, for example? Certain lighting styles will suit different purposes, and this will also help you to determine the best position for your lights and how they should be angled.

Do you need interactivity?

Lighting has come such a long way that we can now control it from our smartphones. Consider whether you want or need your landscape lighting to have abilities like this, as this may change the types of lights you can choose as well as possibly affecting the installation process. Interactive or smart lights can allow you to switch them on or off without moving more than a finger, and they can also interact with the weather, allowing them to automatically turn on when the sun is setting.

If you’re in need of more guidance for designing your landscape lighting, then you can contact us at Castlelights. We also provide installation and other services for customers in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina.