Outdoor Lighting for Getting Dark Earlier

The clocks have changed and winter is fast approaching, which means we’re often left getting up in the morning and coming home from work when it’s dark. But the lack of natural light doesn’t mean you have to be completely in the dark. Having well-placed outdoor lighting helps to light your way as well as adding curb appeal to your home.

Update your outdoor lighting

If you already have outdoor lighting, then it might need updating to suit the changing seasons. Outdoor lighting set with a manual timer will likely need adjusting to turn on earlier now that we have more hours of darkness. With these timers, you can decide when your landscape lighting switches on and off. If your lighting has an astronomical timer, then you shouldn’t need to do anything as this will adapt to the changing seasons itself.

If you have solar lights, then these will be less effective in the winter since there are fewer hours of daylight and much less sunlight compared to the spring and summer. Consider whether you’ll need to add more outdoor lights to compensate for the solar lights as they may not stay lit for as long as you need.

Where to place outdoor lighting

If you don’t currently have outdoor lighting or if you want to add more for the dark days ahead, then now is the perfect time. Here are a few places you might want to place outdoor lights.

  • Pathways – Lit pathways, like the one leading up to your front door, don’t only look nice, but they are also much safer than unlit ones. If you’re coming home after dark, it’s easy to trip over when you can’t see where you’re stepping.
  • Doorways – Lighting around the front door, back door, and garage door is helpful for getting in and out of your house safely. Otherwise, you might be left struggling to get the key in the lock in the dark. This is also a handy safety feature.
  • Outdoor seating areas – While you won’t be using these as much in the winter, it’s still good to have the option of sitting outside and entertaining guests in your backyard. If you have an outdoor patio, an outdoor kitchen, or any seating outdoors, then lighting this will let you stay out after dark. Heated lamps can even help you be comfortable when it gets colder.

Don’t get left in the dark, invest in some outdoor lighting and make sure any lighting you already have is set correctly. We can help to supply and install any outdoor landscape lighting you need for your home. Contact us for services in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and the surrounding Piedmont Triad.