Outdoor Lights That Won’t Attract As Many Insects

Summertime is great if you love spending time outdoors. But even when you step outside to entertain, your night can be ruined by pesky insects that are drawn to your outdoor lights. Even with pest control measures in place, some landscape lights still attract bugs in droves.

Because outdoor lighting is beneficial for your safety and security, turning off your lights isn’t always the best solution. Instead, opt for lightbulbs that are less likely to attract insects in the first place.

Why do bugs flock to light?

You may have noticed that only certain types of insects are attracted to light, while others shy away. The way an organism’s body physically responds to light is known as phototaxis. Unfortunately for us, many flying insects have positive phototaxis, meaning they are attracted to light.

Try yellow bulbs

While some insects like flies and moths are hard to dissuade, there are solutions. Most insects can only see a small range of colors as adults. Much like humans, insects can only see a fraction of the light spectrum. Low and long wavelengths of light, like red, orange, and yellow are much more difficult for insects to detect. Red lights are basically invisible to bugs but they aren’t ideal for landscape lighting.

If you’re looking for yellow-tinted light bulbs, opt for compact florescent lights, sodium vapor bulbs, or halogen bulbs. They will be more energy efficient and emit less heat (which also attracts insects).

Try white LEDs

According to a recent study, insects are, in fact, less attracted to LED lights because they emit little to no UV light (the type of light bugs can see). These bulbs are your best option if you’re looking for less insects and brighter lighting.

While it’s almost impossible to keep bugs from flocking to your outdoor lights, changing the bulbs could make a big difference. Call today to ask about bulb replacement options for your castle’s lights.