The Different Kinds of Security Lighting


Having security lighting installed outside of your home is an effective way of deterring criminals from skulking about and choosing your home as a target. If you don’t already have exterior lights for your home, then consider the following kinds of security lights to help make your home or business premises a safer place.

Motion sensor security lighting

Motion sensor lighting ensures that light is provided when it is needed rather than constantly. This helps to bring down your energy bills as you won’t have additional lights on all night. This lighting detects when someone enters its field of “vision” and illuminates. This helps to illuminate the way for authorized visitors to your home and deter unauthorized visitors from going any further.

Smart timer security lighting

Exterior lights fitted with a smart timer allow you to control when the lights are on. You can set certain times of the day or have the lights come on when it gets dark. A smart timer can put you in full control over your security lights.

Solar powered outdoor lights

Go green with solar powered security lights. You won’t require any electricity to power these, meaning lower energy bills and easier lighting installation as wiring is not required. These are perfect for areas that receive long hours of sunlight.


Floodlights emit a bright light that can cover a wide area. These are a good choice for homes with large driveways and for business premises and industrial parks, for example, that need to illuminate a larger area.

Path lights

Landscape lighting along the path to your front or back door provides numerous benefits. As well as illuminating the outside of your home to deter intruders, they also light the way for your family and guests in the dark, making tripping less likely, and serve as an attractive feature for your home’s exterior.

You can also choose from various types of bulbs when equipping your home with security lighting. For example, halogen, fluorescent, HID, and incandescent lighting all provide different qualities of light and may use varying amounts of energy to light your exteriors. Read this guide to understand the difference between various light bulb types and how to choose which one is right for you.

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