The Importance of Architectural Lighting

Here at Castlelights, we specialize in landscape and architectural lighting. In this blog, we’re going to spend some time getting to grips with architectural lighting and why it is so important. So, if you’re wondering if you need our services for outside your home, then read on for more information.

What is architectural lighting?

Architectural lighting design is the art of lighting buildings and other physical features, be that your house and yard, or grand structures like landmarks and opera houses. It is done to enhance the appearance of the structure and highlight its most important features. It is also done with function in mind, so that the space or feature can be seen and navigated easily by people.

There are lots of reasons why architecture lighting is so important, so let’s look at some of them with the three principles of architectural lighting in mind – aesthetics, function, and efficiency.


Well planned and executed architectural lighting makes a building or structure look even better and draws the eye to its best features. Some of the best pieces of architecture wouldn’t look half as good if it wasn’t for this lighting, especially at night. But lighting design isn’t just important for the appearance of grand, famous buildings. Your home could gain a massive boost in curb appeal with the right lighting. It can evoke a response and a feeling, whether you want to impress guests or improve your chances of selling your home.


Architecture lighting is about function just as much as it is about style. Safety and security are important aspects that come to mind when you think about the functionality of lighting. If you’re walking up a garden path or around a pool in the back yard, it’s important that you can see where you’re going to avoid slips, trips, or falls. It can also help to ward off unwanted guests by illuminating their movements.


The final consideration of architectural lighting is related to energy efficiency. When planning lighting design, it should be done in the most efficient way possible. This means not having unnecessary fixtures and lights, but it can also be about using fixtures and bulbs that are eco-friendly and energy efficient when they are lighting your home.

Next time you see an amazing building, think about how the lighting is lending to the impression you get of it. How can architectural lighting boost your home and yard? Get in touch with Castlelights for expert advice and installation for home lighting in Winston Salem. We also provide outdoor lighting across Lewisville, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and the surrounding Piedmont Triad.