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Have your Landscape lights stopped working?  Try resetting your GFCI first!


How to Reset your GFCI Outlet


Before you place a call for a service visit, you should first check your GFCI that controls the circuit that the landscape lighting transformer is plugged into. A tripped outlet is often the simple cause of lighting issues and it is a simple fix. To reset the GFCI outlet, you simply press the reset button on your GFCI outlet.

If the outlet your transformer is plugged into is NOT a GFCI outlet, it is being protected by GFCI outlet somewhere else in your home. The most common places to look for a GFCI that controls the outdoor circuits is inside your garage or basement (sometimes, the controlling GFCI can even be found in wet areas such as bathroom or the kitchen). The search to find all possible GFCIs can be frustrating at time as the controlling outlet may not seem to be in a logical place.  

You should check ALL of your GFCI outlets in your home. *If you have checked all your outlets and/or you have found one but it won’t reset, it may be time to call in a professional to take a look. Castlelights provides service calls for this – just give us a call at 336-505-4913 to schedule an appointment.


Resetting your Clock/Timer

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