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Castlelights Service Van

Does your system seem to lack the impact it once had? We can "tune up" your system so that it looks as good as it did when it was new!  A simple service visit may be the answer.  You may need bulbs replaced, timers reset or repairs made to renew your system. Call us today to refresh your system.

Our Services


We specialize in LED Architectural and Landscape Lighting Systems. Our designers will create a new look that will be visually stunning while offering the benefits of Safety and Security for your home and property.



We can refresh any 12V LOW-VOLTAGE outdoor lighting system, even if someone else installed it! We replace burnt out lamps, reset and reprogram timers, repair or replace broken components and wiring. We will often relocate fixtures and accomplish minor pruning to allow the lighting to reach its full effect.



An older system may need a makeover or upgrades to bring it up to the new standard of outdoor lighting. Our new LEDs offer a crisp, but warm light that nicely complements your architecture and landscape. LEDs offer a significant service life and your system will operate much more efficiently and cooler than ever before.



Have you installed a new patio or new feature area that needs lighting? We can add lights to your existing system!



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